Leaderone International Ltd. was established in 2016
and is headquartered in Shezhen, China. Leaderone is
an  independent distributor of electronic components,
we serve companies ranging from global distributors and
local manufacturers, and provide unsurpassed products quality.
Electronic components are the medium through which we
aim to serve people. We believe that every part we supply
makes an impact on people's lives.

Our Founders
  • Hobby Cai
  • Bill C.
  • Jeremy H.
Why choose us

We start by being trustworthy. We act with integrity and do the right thing, every time. We operate in a socially responsible way. Being trustworthy is foundational for us as a company and as individuals.
We thrive by being inclusive. We create an environment that unlocks everyone’s potential, where we treat one another with respect, value our differences, and are encouraged to put our thoughts and ideas on the table.
We win by being innovative. We imagine new technologies that produce compelling products, open new markets and improve our competitiveness. We are curious, persistent and determined to overcome barriers.
We embrace a competitive world. We hate to lose, so we continuously challenge ourselves to perform at our best. We invest in the best opportunities for sustainable growth. To stay competitive, we attract, develop and retain the best people.
We are results-oriented and hold ourselves accountable. Our customers have choices, and we act with urgency and deliver on our commitments.

Our ability

Global sourcing

Quick quotation

Quality assurance

Fast delivery

Inventory management

New & original

Enterprise culture

serving 5000+ customers worldwide


Saver, smarter, more efficient


honesty and mutual trust, innovation and enterprising